Coins and Bills in Argentina

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The monetary unit in Argentina is the Peso, which is identified by the following symbol: $.

• Exchange Rate for Dollar and Euro
The exchange rate is around $3.85 for each American dollar and $5.70 for each euro.

• Argentine Coins
Coins range from one cent to one peso and are the following:

Face of the coins

Reverse side of the coins

There are two versions for the 5 and 25 cent coins. Besides the previous ones, you will find the silver-plated ones ( the alloy has less copper):

Silver-plated 5 and 25 cent coins

Public transportation (bus) fares are paid with coins. Therefore, we recommend that you hold on to them if you plan to use the bus system. The cost of the ticket depends on the distance you travel. Within the city of Buenos Aires, it varies from $1 to $1.25.

• Argentine bills
Argentine bills range from two to one hundred pesos and are as follows:

Face of Argentine bills

Reverse side of bills

Recommendations for recognizing counterfeit bills and coins
The design of the coins may be imperfect, and the coin may look “swollen” or deformed. The images may not be centered correctly.

Bills contain a security thread on the front, a succession of silver-plated segments which, when held against the light, show a dark band in which you can read “BCRA” , together with the value of the bill. You will find this band on $10, $20, $50 and $100 peso bills.

All the bills have a “water mark”, an image of a founding father which can be seen against the light. Counterfeit bills imitate the water mark but it can be seen without holding the bills up to the light.


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